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  I love this part of the newsletter. I always get to have a laugh, a reminisce, and occasionally, a bit of a sniffle. And I always get a surprise......

Lightning Jack managed to cover all that and more. Glenda Millard  and Patricia Mullin's gorgeous picture book for children five and up is a lovingly created and illustrated poem in the vein of The Man from Snowy River about "a gallant horse, a midnight horse, a horse called Lightning Jack". With both text and images to fire the imagination, this is a book that you will keep coming back to for years.

The ballad-style text sweeps the reader along on Sam’s adventures, and makes a perfect read aloud offering. The illustrations are an added delight – carefully crafted in collage using layers of tissue and papers. Readers will be fascinated with an examination of the individual elements and the fabulous whole they create.

Text and illustration together create a sumptuous offering which will please adult and child reader alike.


Lightning Jack brought a tear to my eye. It is nothing less than poetry that is emotively illustrated with scenes seemingly plucked directly from a child’s imagination. Drift off into young Sam Tully’s daydreams when he sees a free-spirited steed he resolves to ride. Lightning Jack and Sam share an adventure involving a herd of steers, a jealous grazier, a ride through the air on Pegasus wings, Ned Kelly and even the ghost of Phar Lap.

It’s beautifully written in elegant rhyme, while the illustrations are both organic and highly artistic at the same time. This book will make a great gift and keepsake for the avid young reader.

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Patricia Mullins has captured the beauty and the movement of the black stallion as it gallops with the herd, dares Sam to ride him and then changes into a wonderful creature of mythical proportions…..

The combination of the beautiful collages and drawings and a wonderful verse story make this is an outstanding picture book, which is not to be missed.


Lightning Jack is a gorgeous new picture book for lovers of horses and Australian icons. It’s the result of collaboration between two of Australia’s favourite and highly-acclaimed picture book creators, Glenda Millard and Patricia Mullins.

The words are brought to life by the stunning pictures of Patricia Mullins who uses vibrant colours and fluid illustrations to authentically depict the movement in the story.

Each double page spread is a memorable visual experience.


The talents of Glenda Millard and Patricia Mullins are showcased in Lightning Jack.... Their collaboration has produced a rich, complex story.

Extraodinary skill is shown by Millard and Mullins to create a fantasy adventure as homage to Australian legends...this book offers both excitement and the chance to imagine.

Children should be allowed to interpret the layers of this inferential story over time.

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